Work Big, Premiered in the renowned Y.M.C.A building, Jerusalem, last November as part of the 'International Performance Conference 0:5' held by the S.V.T. in Jerusalem. 


WHY AM I STYING HERE?  I  למה אני נשארת כאן? 


Work Big, explores what dance and performance can mean in contemporary life, its interested in what kind of impact questions have, and how they can influence the modern spectators as they take part in the theatrical experience. Six female performers represent six essential motivations that exist within all of us. It is a self-driving relationship intended in taking oneself to a better sense of realization. They ask themselves time and again why did they come here and what do they all mean? What is their role? and which one of their own; Pain, freedom, control, time, sexuality or fear, will prevail and lead me-them-us to happiness and fulfillment.


Credits: Conceived by Galit Criden

Supported by: S.V.T, FEST'FACTORY Bat Yam Artists Compound Israel