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My practice can be read as a series of site-specific body exhibitions. At their core, they value embodied expression and sculptural physicality, extended duration, and aesthetic precision where the relation between space, duration, and movement is intensely magnified. I'm particularly interested in what sort of conversation choreography work can have with fixed ways of structuring knowledge to enact change. 


Based in London, I create temporary spaces and choreographic structures that offer an alternate means of engaging others in a situation, from there to investigate the relational body and its potential to be together and share space. Each project has its own unique methodological structures that emerge through thinking of body knowledge and its potential to impact its surroundings. The potential of various models of collaboration is ongoing and foundational to the practices. Spread across educational, artistic, and community types of sites particularly libraries, museums, and art institutions, I have developed and presented work including The Reading Room at Wellcome Collection Museum, Christie's Auction House, Chisenhale Dance-space, Women's Art Library at Goldsmiths University, Lewisham Art House, London, M.A.M.A The Museum of Motherhood, Performatica Dance Festival Mexico, International Performance conference, Israel, and many others. 

you are welcome to contact me for future collaboration, or inquiries or just to say hey m. ©

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