I create liminal spaces in transition as I move between performative works-

teaching dance within communities - researching slowness & matriarchal spaces

within performance making.  
Departing from the notion of liminal states and liminal identities; displacement

and body-oriented ontology; healing; mediation, and performative action;

I wonder how to hold a space that is maternal, queer, that could be sensed,

as a response or even a strategy.


My practice is defined by sculptural physicality, extended duration, and aesthetic precision. In the different projects, the relation between space, duration, and movement is intensely magnified. I'm particularly what sort of conversation I can have with the fixed ways of structuring knowledge to enact change.



I explore themes in all creative genres including art and curatorial practices; cultural engagement through performance, radical listening, and observation; experimental pedagogies; foreignness, otherness; home, liminal states, borderline identities, feminine time; memory, trauma, and the archive; post-colonialism; sound; space; temporary architecture and un-architectural spaces. 



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