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Lewisham Arthouse

And in me too the waves rises

20th-28th September 2019

And in me too the wave rises investigates materiality in an attempt to expand notions of space, time, process and participation. The work identifies with touch and notions of ‘being in touch’ as vital to how we de-centre the locus of self in order to face our problematic relations with each other and with our planet. The works on show explore ideas around the nature of membranes, inner and outer-ness, states of emerging and disintegrating and the narrative of presence – offering a space in which materials become unstable and are subject to rupture and change.

Objects of Attention by Galit Criden

Observation Room

Standing Still Wellcome Collection 

Wellcome Collection Museum, London. 

"The experiment, generated in the room a beautiful harmonious atmosphere of the Reading Room at the Emphasised what kind of power stillness has for making people connected because no words or movement can separate silent conversations. The world around kept moving fast as always, but the stillness was going".  

observation room

Observation Room
Haaretz  Newspaper 

Originally published: 12 April 2016 

Tally Ben Nun for Haaretz Newspaper  

Post Jerusalem’s YMCA Performances


"Observation Room commences in the auditorium right by the gym. Any line between the performers and audience is blurred; and this act of blurring, it emerges in the course of one’s experience and interaction with the piece, is in fact a fundamentally key theme of the work...Observation Room invites members of the audience to both enter and remain in it. The duration of one’s stay, and the choice whether to embrace a passive spectator role or to actively engage and interact – is entirely up to us".


Phase ll We are Moving

Openlab Chisenhale Dance Space

Season 6, Seasons 19&20: "The Primal Body" - a Fasilitated OP with Galit Criden. 


OPENLAB is a model for professional self-development for performers devised Antonio de la Fe. It hosts open sessions for anyone interested in a shared space for performance practice. In this way, OPENLAB could be understood as a co-working space for performers. At the same time, OPENLAB proposes a frame of work that revolves around a basic question: what does ‘to perform’ entail?