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Standing Still 
Wellcome Collection Mausam, 2018. 


This event took place at the Wellcome Collection Museum. For one the performers invited the public to take part in a short warm-up exercise together with two performers, before reflecting on what happens to the mind and body in a moment of stillness.

Dear visitors, 

Welcome. The action you see in the space will go on for one hour. 

You are invited to enter the space where the performers are  

standing, observe and/or participate in the action of standing or  

sitting still, for as long as you are comfortable. 

Checking alongside the performers, what happens in a moment of  


What moves you when you don’t move at all? 

You can come and go as you please, but we'd encourage you to stay  

with us until the end and to share some reflections. 

Thank you. 


Standing still  

Wellcome Collection Museum, UK. 



"The experiment, generated in the room a beautiful harmonious atmosphere of the Reading Room at the Emphasised what kind of power stillness has for making people connected because no words or movement can separate silent conversations. The world around kept moving fast as always, but the stillness was going".  

standing still
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