Time Lab facilitates a range of encounters to share the ground of knowledge we’ve been exploring, as well as to stimulate its further development.


Our research, performances, workshops are vital spaces of investigation offer people from a range of disciplines opportunities to meet, discuss, reflect, and recalibrate; to explore alternative forms, rhythms, and strategies of sharing a space; and to cultivate an enhanced palette of tools, practices, and understandings with which to more fully embrace.


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Time Lab: School of  S L O W  practices 2021.

Objects of Attention performance  

27/10/2020 Zaz Performance art Festival.

28/9/2020 Lewisham arthouse. 

The project Objects of Attention elucidates topics in regard to the suspended space and the choreographed body within it. exploring ways of participation and engagement, radical listening and somatic work, and ways of being together and sharing space. To Gallery

A score for the tired student; Choreographing your way down to the body

2/2/020 Department of Visual Culture, Goldsmiths University.


Think of this score as an action of undoing.

The action you will perform will go on for one hour. Do not be discouraged if you cannot do it for the first time. Before starting, shut any screen available to you. Find a good position within the space, somewhere you feel safe and comfortable. to full score

Mapping of performances

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