Score for the tired student

choreographing your way down to the body  


1. Find tape and stick this score (close enough) where you can see it.


Think of this score as an action of undoing. The action you will perform will go on for one hour. Do not be discouraged if you cannot do it for the first time. Before starting, shut any screen available to you. Find a good position within the space, somewhere you feel safe and comfortable. (Advanced version: find a partner and stand in front of them). You will remain still for 40 minutes. Then in the 20 minutes remained you will attempt to move, one step at a time. Set the alarm to 40 minutes and leave it next to your feet.


Things you will need: Tape, Alarm clock or a friend, A Room with a door  



2. Release your hands and be still. 

3. Notice the space around and the details in it.  

4. Do not avoid eye contact if anyone or anything crosses your path.  

5. If you find that you have drifted off, bring yourself back to the present moment. You can focus on your breath coming in and out or shift your weight back and forth - it will ground you. 

6. You are not expected to act, perform, or become someone else. Just be you. Whatever you feel is okay. 

7. Notice your back and the space behind it. Try to sense it without moving. 

8. Continue standing until the alarm sets off.  

9. Shut the alarm, it is ringing because the 40 minutes are over. Set it again to 20 minutes. Leave it next to your feet.  

10. You will be changing your position now. Move one step to the left, finding a new view to observe.  

11. Try to sense when 5 minutes are over and then do it again. And again. And again.

12. Do it slowly. No one will know if you are late.  

13. Notice your breath, heartbeat, if you are sensing pain, smell, or anything else. 

14. Shut the alarm. 2o min are over.

15. You are now in your body.  

16. Leave the flat. Go for a walk.  

Congratulations you are in your body again!