This high vibe cardio class is based on the full range of natural human movement skills.


With the aim that you feel like you just climbed a mountain and left it all behind, Dance Club will help you free and increase body awareness and share the much-needed joyful space with others. 


Participants learn sets of skills that can help restore the natural flow of movement in one's day-to-day life. The classes combine the discipline of somatic work, hold and release dance techniques, circular movements for mobilization, breathing exercises for opening, with strength training and simple but intense and at times sexy, funny choreographed sequences. ​

The music gets as much attention as the moves as each class is set to a personal selection of pop, balkan, latin, african, reggae, arabic, classic, and so much more - anything that will help you get lost in the music and move like you want. 

The classes are usually 60 min

We will be moving in space - no body contact


Music from all over the world

Simple choreographies

No experience necessary


​Galit is available for facilitating workshops, seminars, and performative projects - drop her a mail: galitcrideness@com. ​