How to be Together

The photo was taken by Galit Criden at the Women's Art Library, Special Collection, Goldsmiths University


Residency Schedule October – November 2021

How to be Together will host a range of activities to help us think, write, read, and perform in a way that gestures towards matriarchal sociality- a type of coming together that develops with and through bodily knowledge.

1. Open Desk is a one to one performative conversation about notions of togetherness. Open desk is an invitation for a sensitive, intimate experience within the Women's Art Library context. Every Tuesday starting 19th October until 16th November, led by Galit Criden. Every session is 45 min, starting at 11:00am - 15:00pm.

To Book your, please go to or email There are only 4 slots a day so places are limited. 


2. (M)otherwise; Reading Group led by Hannah Bowles and guest speakers.

Every Tuesday evening starting 26th October until 23rd November 20:00 - 21:00. 

Full schedule to be announced. Tickets available via Eventbrite or contact 

To Book (M)otherwise with Anna Carlile

To Book 2/11/2021 (M)otherwise with Helen Benigson

To Book 9/11/2021 (M)otherwise with Tracey Reynolds

To Book 16/11/2021 (M)otherwise with Ciara Healy Musson

To Book 23/11/2021 (M)otherwise with Ruchika Wason Singh


3. Attention to Body & Rhythm Laboratory: Workshop & Performance led by Galit Criden

Both Workshop & Performance aim to help us pay attention to the way we move, organize and perform ourselves and are exercised through the displacement of body senses, radical observing, listening, and the practice of imagination. In a lab-like setting, the workshop and performance will allow Galit along with a group of professional performers and creative thinkers as well as people from the community to continue exploring embodied notions of togetherness, stillness, slow structures from a matriarchal perspective. Performing: Alisa Oleva, Vicky Samuel, Yamina Lyara and Rosalind Noctor, and others. The WAL. 22/10.,3:00 pm - 6:pm. 

To Book tickets for the workshop, 22/10/2021, 3 PM-5 PM. (Participants are encouraged to stay for the performance). 

To Book tickets for Attention; an intimate performance at Goldsmiths Library.22/10/2021, 5 PM-6 PM. 


4. Love Letters Workshop led by Sara Tammone. Whom do you love? What do you love? How do you love? 

What to expect: an online durational workshop aimed at exploring the possibilities of love; the love we feel for ourselves and the love we have for others. The workshop will be held on Zoom on 24th October and 14th November from 16:00 - 19:00. Book your tickets on Eventbirght or email 

To Book Love letter workshop - Part l.

To Book Love Letter Workshop - Part II.

5. Hibernation week/Public talk led by Galit Criden/Laura Kirshenbaum & Althea Agreen. A time dedicated to compiling the knowledge that has been exchanged in the different events for further exploration/research, followed by a public talk on the topic of how we can offer ways of counter knowledge? How does a Matriarchal approach /perspective facilitate residencies/programming?

Link to Eventbright for Public talk, 19/11.

For more info about the residency & inspiration..

Team of Facilitators: 

Galit Criden (b.1986) choreographer and researcher. Is currently in residency at the Women's Art Library at Goldsmiths University. She is an alumni of the MA program at the Department of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths. Her research centers around body knowledge and matriarchal spaces. 

Hannah Bowles (b.1997) is currently enrolled on MFA Curating at Goldsmiths College. Her research centers around maternal politics and care, seeking ways to reclaim the matriarchal space in art institutions.

Laura Kirshenbaum (b.1986) dancer and choreographer, lives and works in Montpellier, France. She approaches the worlds of choreography and performance as bodies of knowledge through which she addresses questions on organization and order, nonlinearity, femininity, transformation, corporal memory, and the sensuous body.  She is interested in creating different modalities of collaborations and encounters, where the exchange is an ever-evolving practice of constant knowledge-body intersection. She holds an MA in choreography from the 'exerce' program at ICI-CCN Montpellier (2016-2018). In summer 2016 she was a recipient of the danceWEB scholarship in Vienna.

Sara Tammone (b.1992) is a researcher and Goldsmiths alumni concerned with forms of collective study relying on intimacy, gathering, contact, touch, love, and refusal. Their practice is fuelled by a phenomenological approach mixed with an amateur enthusiasm whether through the medium of writing, film, or photography often exploring the relations between bodies and spaces.  

Jules Coney Revere (b. 1986) ‘project dramaturge’ and facilitator, is currently based in London, UK. She uses embodied knowledge and movement to foster change and innovation in communities and organizations.  Her research interests are around the intersection of phenomenology, systems and movement. She holds an MA in Human Systems Intervention and coaching certification from Concordia University in Montreal, QC. Her work spans 4 continents and 6 countries.

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