Galit Criden (1986; in Tel-Aviv/London) creates choreographic-territories where knowledge can be learned and contained, where she gets the opportunity to go back re-organize and repeat what is already possible. She uses choreographic means to reconstruct and learn about typical human behaviors, to challenge fixed ideas about the moving body, empathy, and community in order to utilize new ways to communicate. She is a graduate of The School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem (2009-2013) and the David Yellin Academic College of Education in Jerusalem. (2009-2013). Since graduating Galit has initiated several projects and made number of performances, among others – "Work Big"(2016) ,"private act"(2014),"New-stuff group"(2014), "phase II"(2014),"Body-speak"(2014),"Fin"(2013),"Molly Freemark"(2012) and more. Currently, she is doing her Masters at Goldsmiths University, Contemporary Art Theory. 2019-20.


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2018          "Time Laboratory: Observation Room III”, Wellcome Collection, London. 

2018          “Time Laboratory: Observation of Distance”, ‘Performatica Dance Festival’, Mexico.

2017          “Time Laboratory: Observation Room II”, International Performance Conference’, Jerusalem.

2017          “Walk”, Co-production 'Fest ‘factory' compound & Bat Yam Theater Festival.  

2016          “Work Big”, International Performance Conference 0:5, Jerusalem.

2016          "Time Laboratory: Observation Room I", 'Fest ‘factory' residency program, Bat Yam.

2016          "Singular", Hazira Performance Arts Arena, Jerusalem.

2015          "Private act", Passion for Freedom Festival, London.

2014          "Phase II", International Performance Conference 0:3, Jerusalem.

2014          "Body-speak", Art-port Gallery of Contemporary Art & warehouse II, Jaffa.

2013          "Fin", Finale Festival, S.V.T, Jerusalem& ‘Passion for Freedom Festival, UK.  

2012          "What's Left", Marathon Festival, School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem.

2011          “Molly Freemark”, Marathon Festival, School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem.


A W A R D S, H O N O U R S, R E S I D E N C I E S  


2017-18    'FEST ’FACTORY', Residency for the arts; Bat Yam, Israel. 

2017          ‘PAF’ Residency program, France.

2017           Winner of ‘Mifal HaPayis’ Foundation, Israel.

2017           Winner of the 'Yehoshua Rabinovich' Foundation, Israel.

2014           Winner of the 'Yehoshua Rabinovich' Foundation, Israel.

2009-13     Three time winner of the Ministry of Education prize, Israel.