Galit Criden (1986; Tel-Aviv/London), is a choreographer and maternal researcher.

She works across an array of visual theatre, including performance art, contemporary dance, and maternal theory. The focus of her creative practice centers on the relation of the body to its surroundings defined by sculptural physicality, extended duration, and aesthetic precision. Galit engages the world of dance with rigorous embodied research with urgent and enduring themes. From the question of speed and stillness and its impact on our lives to contemporary maternal expressions in art.

A graduate of Goldsmiths University, her academic research centers around Maternal Strategies used in performance making and contemporary dance. She is the recipient of the ‘Mifal HaPayis' Foundation. For two consecutive years, she was awarded the Jehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation for the Arts. Both are renowned Israeli establishments dedicated to the support of artists.


Galit is the Co-founder of 'Songs of a Hostess' along with Laura Kirshenbaum: A studio-based practice that centers on the relation of the feminine body and knowledge (the maternal body among other things) to its surroundings. It is basically a group of creative women, mothers, and artists coming together to share their knowledge and experiences. The 'Moving women', community program she initiated, is in its 4th year of development and national touring & community workshops. 

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R E C E N T   W O R K S

S T A R D U S T 


2020      -BFAMI Gala, Christie's Auction House, London, UK. To Gallary

O B J E C T S   O F  A T T E N T I O N

2020      -Zaz Festival, October 26, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019      -Lewisham Arthouse, London. 

The objects on display strive to slow things down, to ponder as to the roles of choreography and visual culture have in our everyday lives.

Objects of Attention is presented as an exhibition that offers visitors a chance to observe the choreography of the body in relation to space, time, light, and sound. Four main situations are examined over time; sitting, walking, standing, and complete stillness.  The performing bodies are in constant movement. ​

Co-produced with Zaz Festival for performing arts, Tel Aviv Israel.

UK Premier Christies Auction House, BFAMI foundation. ​To Gallary

O B S E R V A T I O N  R O O M  P R O J E C T

2019    -Chisenhale Dance Space, London.

2018    -Wellcome Collection, London. 

            -Performatica Dance Festival’, Mexico.

2017    -International Performance Conference’, Jerusalem.

            -Fest-Factory Artist compound, Bat Yam, Israel. 

The project is realized each time in collaboration with a different group of diverse people and artists from all over the world.

it investigates the politics of the suspended action in a public space and how it can affect our relations within the community around us. It’s not only to elucidate topics in regards to the politics of the suspended space and the observant body within it, by researching and learning about new materialities, technology, participation, and more but also to embody these questions by looking for other forms of being together and sharing space. Perhaps by staying in such a space, over time, will be able to re-imagine or re-organize the particularities of our behavior. To Gallary

2017          “Walk” - Co-production 'Fest ‘factory' compound. Theater Festival Bat Yam, Israel. 

2016          “Work Big”, International Performance Conference 0:5, Jerusalem.

2016          "Singular", Hazira Performance Arts Arena, Jerusalem.

2015          "Private act", Passion for Freedom Festival, London.

2014          "Phase II", International Performance Conference 0:3, Jerusalem.

2014          "Body-speak", Art-port Gallery of Contemporary Art & warehouse II, Jaffa.

2013          "Fin", Finale Festival, S.V.T, Jerusalem& ‘Passion for Freedom Festival, UK.  

A W A R D S  &  R E S I D E N C I E S     


2017-18  'Fest Factory', Residency for the arts; Bat Yam, Israel. 

2017        ‘Paf’ Residency program, France.

2017         Winner of ‘Mifal HaPayis’ Foundation, Israel.

2017         Winner of the 'Yehoshua Rabinovich' Foundation, Israel.

2014         Winner of the 'Yehoshua Rabinovich' Foundation, Israel.

2009-13   Three-time winner of the Ministry of Education prize, Israel.