Galit Criden (1986; Tel-Aviv/London) creates choreographies, where knowledge can be learned and contained, where she gets the opportunity to go back re-organize and repeat what is already possible. She uses choreographic means to reconstruct and challenge fixed ideas about the moving body and shared space. Galit Works with a strong emphasis on empathy and the sense of a community in order to utilize new ways to relate to one another. She is a graduate of The School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem (2009-2013), the David Yellin Academic College of Education in Jerusalem. (2009-2013), and currently finishing her Masters at Goldsmiths University, Contemporary Art Theory. 2019-20. In November 2020 Galit has received a Global Talent Status from the UnIted Kingdom Govemment. 

A W A R D S  &  R E S I D E N C I E S     


2017-18  'Fest Factory', Residency for the arts; Bat Yam, Israel. 

2017        ‘Paf’ Residency program, France.

2017         Winner of ‘Mifal HaPayis’ Foundation, Israel.

2017         Winner of the 'Yehoshua Rabinovich' Foundation, Israel.

2014         Winner of the 'Yehoshua Rabinovich' Foundation, Israel.

2009-13   Three-time winner of the Ministry of Education prize, Israel.


                                                                                  *   *   *

R E C E N T   W O R K S

2020       Stardust

            -BFAMI Gala, Christie's Auction House, January 27, London, UK

2020       Objects of Attention

            -Zaz Festival, October 26, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019       Objects of Attention

            -Chisenhale Dance Space, May 10th, London.

            -Lewisham Art-house, September 28th, London. 

2018       Observation Room part two 

            -Wellcome Collection, June 26th, London. 

            -Performatica Dance Festival’, April 30th, Mexico.

2017       Observation Room part one

            -International Performance Conference’, November 10th, Jerusalem.

            -Fest-Factory Artist compound, October 10th, Bat Yam, Israel. 

2017          “Walk” - Co-production 'Fest ‘factory' compound. Theater Festival Bat Yam, Israel. 

2016          “Work Big”, International Performance Conference 0:5, Jerusalem.

2016          "Singular", Hazira Performance Arts Arena, Jerusalem.

2015          "Private act", Passion for Freedom Festival, London.

2014          "Phase II", International Performance Conference 0:3, Jerusalem.

2014          "Body-speak", Art-port Gallery of Contemporary Art & warehouse II, Jaffa.

2013          "Fin", Finale Festival, S.V.T, Jerusalem& ‘Passion for Freedom Festival, UK.